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My name is Umberto Atterga,
I’m a videographer.

A world without video is a world without
… memories of our origins, of our evolution and of
our emotions experienced in this life.
I love to tell the stories and emotions of other
people on video and for this reason I decided to
specialize in the wedding and engagement sector.
For me this is the greatest joy to live in one’s
passion, in one’s art and this is what leads me to
always be smiling at work.
My style is very reportage because I love to tell
the spontaneity, the real emotion. If you agree
with me, I will be really happy to tell you why in
addition to doing what I love I know that I will give
you “the memory” that will last for a lifetime and

My Skills

music video

Why Choose Me?

light composure

We try to make the most of natural light trying not to use artificial light to remain as discreet as possible.

Professional skills

Twenty years of experience allows us to face any situation. Those who choose us want elegance, naturalness, discretion but also safety in the work entrusted to us.

Perfect Equipment

We have the best equipment on the market at the moment and are renewed from year to year to always offer you the best.


Thanks to our equipment, we are able to offer you the highest video quality every year to better enjoy your movies.

unic vision

We always and at all times try to be discreet but at the same time elegant in order to be practically invisible to the eyes of others and to capture very spontaneous images.

focusing knowledges

We offer you all the necessary skills from directing to filming, including cinematographic aerial shots, up to post-production.

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