Martin & Cat, a very funny couple who decided to get married in the beautiful Borgo di Tragliata, a village located on the outskirts of Rome that rises on a suggestive tuff spur. Its historical origins date back to the Etruscan era, of which the blocks of the perimeter walls and the funnel-shaped granaries still remain intact. In addition to this, history has left the Borgo di Tragliata also the tower for the sightings of the Saracens, incorporated in the central nucleus of the farmhouse, which flanks the two seventeenth-century farmhouses currently used for the overnight stay of our guests. The ancient village includes two splendid churches, one in Baroque style and one from the Middle Ages. The couple added to all this the fun created through the music of Tasten ‘Sax thanks to which a great fun was born during dinner and after dinner.